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Dear OLH Family,

There are many ways to get information from OLH about what is happening at school. Like most things in 2018, you need to be connected. The easiest way is to download both the Sycamore Education App and the Class Dojo App. Check your phone for updates or allow notifications so when new updates arrive they will automatically send you a message. To use Sycamore Education you must first create an account using a computer or laptop. An account cannot be created using a cell phone. Sycamore is great to check the calendar, check your lunch, after school and fund-raising fees and your child’s attendance. You can also send a message to Ms. Martha if your child will be absent. Sycamore calls these messages Pass A Notes or PAN. Also if you have a student in gr. 3-8 you can check grades. Teachers update grades weekly and you can track your child’s grades in Sycamore. Your Log-In information was emailed to you or call the office for your username and family code.

Class DojoClass Dojo is another great app or website that parents should be checking daily. Teachers share pictures of what is going in the classroom, post homework and special events that are upcoming. I also send reminders or thing that may interest the whole school community in the school story. The best way to use Class Dojo is by downloading the app and turning on notifications so you will get alerted when new information is posted. You also can receive alerts through email. Everyone should have received a text message to join but if you haven’t received any message or need help alert the office for assistance.

Uniform Reminders:

  • Last chance to order the red crew neck sweatshirt. We can still add your order through Tuesday. Send the order form attached or call your order into the office.
  • There are 4 color choices for socks: Solid White, Black, Navy or Red.
  • Only girls may wear knee-high socks.
  • Boys socks should be calf high or shorter.
  • Girls may also wear leggings or tights that are solid white, black, navy or red.
  • Girls may only wear the Wilson plaid skirt or jumper from Dennis Uniform. Khaki or Navy blue skirts and jumpers are not part of our uniform.
  • Tennis shoes are to be worn every day.
  • October 31 will be the last day for uniform shorts until April 1, 2019.

Fire FoundationThe FIRE Foundation is an organization that helps schools in the diocese to help students with special learning needs. Last year we receive a grant for our sensory room and this year we were given a grant to help us hire 3 part-time paras.

Fire is selling raffle tickets. Tickets are $10 for a chance to win $1996 (the year FIRE was founded)! The winner is announced at the FIREBall on 10/20! Online sales are available at https://interland3.donorperfect.net/weblink/weblink.aspx?name=fire&id=39.

Parent Volunteer Requirements:

We often need parent help throughout the year, for field trip chaperones, coaching or other activities where you might be supervising a small group of kids. To make sure our kids are as safe as possible we ask all parents to take a class called, Protecting God’s Children. Parents are also asked to read and sign off on our Ethics and Integrity policy and agree to a background check. I have attached a letter explaining the process with the appropriate links. There is no cost to the class but your time.

Book Fair Spirit Week:

We will have a Book Fair the week of Oct. 22-25. The book fair will run the day of Parent-Teacher Conferences and students will have a chance to preview during the week. There is a book fair box by the office for spare change or donations to buy books for the library. We will also be having a “Book Fair Spirit Week Dress Down Opportunity” Every staff or student who donates $5 will be able to dress down Oct. 22-24. Big thanks to Mrs. Campbell for bringing the Book Fair to OLH!

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