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With Lent beginning next week on Ash Wednesday, we invite you and your family to participate in a Lenten Service Project sponsored by OLH. We will collect a variety of items during the 40 days of Lent that will be donated to various social agencies throughout the area.

In the hallway outside the front office, there will be six barrels.  Each barrel will be labeled with the items that are to go into it. The following items are what we are asking our OLH families to donate:

  • SOCKS:  these can be new or used but clean and in usable condition;
  • TOILETRIES: such as deodorant, toothpaste/brushes, soap (liquid or bar), toilet paper, shampoo/conditioner, combs/brushes;
  • CLOTHING:  any new or clean usable clothing of any sizes from infant through adult;
  • SHOES:  pairs of shoes that are still in good condition. If they can be washed, please do so.  If not, we ask that they be clean;
  • FOOD:  any  non-perishable food item.
  • BLANKETS:  any new or used blankets that are in good shape to be used by others.

With Spring approaching, why not do a little “Spring cleaning” and gather the clothes and shoes that no longer fit or you may not want or wear anymore? While Lent is a time to fast or of “giving up something”, it is also about prayer and almsgiving. Lent is our preparation time so each of us can open our hearts as we prepare for Jesus’ death and resurrection. It’s a time of looking within ourselves and finding ways to make the world a little better for everyone. With our world focusing on much of the violence and hatred among people it’s nice to know that as Christians we have been blessed with such a loving God who gives us many opportunities to share his love and kindness with others each day. Maybe by participating in this small act of kindness during Lent, we will open another person’s heart for them to know that there are still many caring, kind people in the world.

During this season of Lent, we also ask that you pray as a family and to please pray for peace in in our world.  Take the time to forgive someone who needs forgiveness, comfort someone who needs compassion, share joy with someone who feels lonely. We have so many blessings, your children being the most precious ones. Remember to offer a prayer of thanks for the blessings they are to the world.

If you can help in anyway in the above Lenten Project, we would appreciate it. We hope to fill each barrel (even more than once if possible) during these 40 days.

Thank you for your cooperation,


Ms. Delac

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